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Hard Rock Rising 2015

The time is near! Currently, executives from the music, film and television industries are examining the finalist bands from the regional Hard Rock Rising battles, and Tuatha Dea is among them! The executives will be choosing a lucky few of the remaining bands to compete in a final battle in Barcelona, Spain!

So how can you help?

One of the main areas the executives will be looking at is the band’s ReverbNation page. You can find it in the links above, or CLICK HERE to visit, play the songs and browse the page!

Tuatha Dea would be nowhere without their Tribe, their fans, their family, YOU! Help the band keep spreading the message of the Tribe through their music, to every corner of the globe!

  1. Kevin Byrd September 19, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Caught you guys in Brownsville this weekend ! Great show. Really enjoyed your vibe and energy. Very cool : )
    Kevin Byrd
    Chemical Zoo


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