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Hard Rock Rising 2015

10408721_1038944486119169_8598582658707824037_nOn March 25, 2015, Tuatha Dea performed at the regional finals for the 2015 Hard Rock Rising. Against fierce competition, the band brought their full energy and passion to the stage and won the Battle, winning a cash prize, 10 hours of recording time at SoKnox Studios in Knoxville, TN and a chance to perform in Barcelona, Spain!

Over the coming weeks, executives from television networks and record companies will be reviewing the winners of the regional competitions and selecting 9 finalists to perform in a final battle in Barcelona, Spain. If you, the TRIBE, would like to see Tuatha Dea there, it’s simple! Let everyone know why! Visit the website, visit the Facebook, visit Tuatha Dea’s ReverbNation (Linked Above) and show your love and support! Peace, Love and Rhythm!

Hard Rock Rising 2015


Earlier in March, Tuatha Dea performed in Hard Rock’s regional Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge, TN. After hearing the performances of all bands who were invited to play, Tuatha Dea was unanimously voted to be the winner of the regional challenge!

So what does this mean?

On March 25th, Tuatha Dea will once again return to the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge, TN for the final battle, facing the winners of the other regional contests. The winner will be considered for a development deal from Island Records and earn the chance to play for 60,000 fans in Barcelona, Spain. Come out and support the band, blow up their Facebook, and show the world why Tuatha Dea deserves to be crowned the victor!

For more details of Hard Rock Rising 2015, go to www.hardrockrising.com


Hard Rock Rising 2015

Hard Rock Cafe is gearing up for their Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands for 2015 and Tuatha Dea is once again entering!

Thanks to the amazing fans of Tuatha Dea, in 2014 the band finished the battle ranked #15 out of 10000 bands WORLDWIDE! Now, Tuatha Dea needs your help once again to finish at the TOP of the rankings!

Keep on the lookout for updates and announcements on how to vote for the band as the battle progresses, but in the mean time YOU CAN HELP by coming out to see the band LIVE and by flooding the internet with links to the band’s music, videos, tour schedule, etc!

Tuatha Dea is so very thankful for the amazing fans we have! Let’s team up again this year to Spread the Rhythm!

Lineup Changes

Tuatha Dea is deeply saddened to announce the departure of one of our founding members and daughter of Damasqhs, Tesea Dawson. Tesea has poured her heart and soul into the last 5 years of writing, recording, touring and general cat-herding that is the tribe of Tuatha Dea and she will be sorely missed!


But with every end must come a new beginning!

For 2015 and beyond, Tuatha Dea has decided to retire the monstrous African/Latin American “drum kit” that has accompanied them at nearly every show to date. This kit is made up of African djun djuns, djembes, Latin American bongos and timbales, cymbals, steel chimes, temple chimes and pure tribal spirit! As the kit that has provided Tuatha Dea’s signature sound for the past 5 years is retired, we are proud to welcome in its place a new family member! From Turin, Italy, we welcome Luca Caracciolo, AKA LC Hammer! LC brings with him tons of exceptional recording, performing and worldwide touring experience and is sure to help Tuatha Dea push it to the next level!

 10369573_975496962463922_4517693510529274149_n, !

Visit LC Hammer’s Official website by clicking HERE, and keep watch on the horizon as LC makes his official debut with Tuatha Dea at Boyd’s Jig and Reel’s New Year’s 2015 Celebration in Knoxville, TN!


“Wisp of A Thing” World Premiere Video!

After weeks of hard work shooting parts 1-3 of “Wisp of A Thing”, the latest offering from “Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae”, Tuatha Dea is proud to present the world premiere video based on Alex Bledsoe’s novel of the same name! Check it out below!

“Wisp of a Thing” Video Shoot!

Tuatha Dea is currently hard at work shooting their new video for “Wisp of a Thing (parts 1-3)” between dates on their busy tour schedule. While the video is being shot and going through post-production, the band wants to give YOU an inside look behind the scenes! Check out the video below, and remember to purchase Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae in the music store above!

Tuatha Dea “Wisp of a Thing” Video Shoot Outtakes from NightSong Studios on Vimeo.

“Long Black Curl” World Premier Video

Special thanks to Jesse Jones and NightSong Studio for making this happen! Now, the world premier of “Long Black Curl”, from Tuatha Dea’s latest album “Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae”, available now for purchase in the OFFICIAL Music Store located above!

“Long Black Curl” Video Shoot!

Music videos are coming.

Recently, Tuatha Dea and a slew of fellow Tufa went out into the Appalachian hills to create a music video. The shoot was a resounding success! As a companion to it, we’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look!

Tuatha Dea – Bloopers & Out Takes from NightSong Studios on Vimeo.

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Free Download!

As a thanks for all your continued support, for a LIMITED TIME, Tuatha Dea is giving YOU a FREE download of their rendition of the Rolling Stones’ classic “Sympathy For the Devil”! Listen to it below, or follow the link below the player to claim your FREE download!

Right-click THIS LINK and select “Save Link As” (“Save Target As” on some browsers) to download.

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